rss graffiti, author marketing, marketing minute, lisa pietschRSS Graffiti is an excellent way to automatically “feed” your Facebook Profile and Page with your own blogs.  Some authors have their own blogs plus regularly contribute to other multi-author blogs.  If you’re using blogs, you can set them up to post links on Facebook whenever a new blog is posted, but with all the different platforms out there (WordPress, Blogger, et al.), sometimes it’s easier to use a single application like RSS Graffiti to keep everything running smoothly.  But what about paying it forward?  What about helping your fellow authors?  They may be friends, mentors, your favorite writers or all of the above.  RSS Graffiti is an excellent way to help these people out by introducing your audience to them.

Blogs you share on Facebook through RSS Graffiti don’t have to be just yours!  You can share any blog automatically with this application.

The key to doing this though is to be sure you aren’t overwhelming your friends and readers with too many blogs to read.  Luckily, RSS Graffiti has a scheduling function so you can have it fetch new blogs from several times per day to once per week.  If you keep in mind that most people catch up on their social media reading on the weekends, scheduling feeds for your friends’ blogs on the weekend is a great idea.

If you’re still posting your blogs manually to your Facebook Pages and Groups and/or manually sharing your friends’ blogs, then you’re wasting your time.  RSS Graffiti can save you time and energy so you can get back to the business of writing.  Which would you rather spend your time doing?