tumblrWith the rise in popularity of Tumblr, lots of authors are jumping on the bandwagon and using it as an excuse to waste their writing time or they are vehemently opposed to yet another social media time suck.  Few authors are using Tumblr productively.  Knowing the author marketing potential for Tumblr is half the battle.  Let me shed some light on Tumblr’s potential for your author marketing and time management efforts.

People who take my social media classes or have read my book, The Social Media Superstar Handbook (Kindle) (Paperback), know that I encourage author’s to make the most of their social media to save money on advertising but insist they tame the social media monster by limiting their time to 30 minutes per day.  This isn’t always an easy boundary to enforce, but if there are tools that help, you know I’ll be the first to tell you how to use them!  Tumblr is just such a tool.

Following are a few reasons why I love Tumblr as a platform choice for authors:

1. It is a branded presence on another social media network that reaches a demographic Facebook & Twitter don’t.

2. You can preload it with text, links, audio, video, images and reblogs (from other peoples’ Tumblrs) and set it so it will always post something new for you every day within a time frame you determine. This is a “set it and forget it” bonus!

3. You can connect it to Facebook and Twitter so whatever it posts each day also posts to your Facebook & Twitter accounts (making it possible for you to fall completely off the grid and yet continue to post something fresh on your networks every day while never having to think about social media).

The “set it and forget it” factor can be a huge time saver for authors on deadlines or those hoping to get off the grid to bang out a bestseller.

Personally, I think Tumbler is the best thing to happen for authors since epublishing.

Here’s how you can milk Tumblr for all it’s got, put most of your social media on autopilot and actually spend less time on your social media networks than you do now.

1. Set up your Tumblr account and choose a theme that best supports your author brand.  Create it with the same branding you did with your website, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, etc.

2. Connect Tumblr to your Facebook & Twitter accounts through the Tumblr settings.

3. Google yourself.  Capture every Blog Talk Radio interview, book review, article, guest blog, photo, book cover, video or other media that has anything to do with you and your author brand.  No media is too old if it is consistent with your brand.

4. Click on Queue and set the number of posts and when you want them to post every day.

5. Start loading your queue.  Preload it with all that media you found about yourself and you can even set blurbs and links from old blogs you’ve written that have since been buried on your website.  If you are just getting started as an author or you are unpublished, just start loading it up with photos you like, inspiration for your writing or motivational quotes.  You can easily set up your queue for several months in advance this way.

After your initial setup, here are a couple things you can do to keep it all low maintenance:

1. Set a reminder on your calendar for a few days before your queue of posts is due to run out.

2. Keep a folder on your desktop where you can capture and keep all the media you want to load up on your queue next time.  The drag & drop upload feature for Tumblr makes future posting a breeze if you already have the media collected in a file.

And Voila!  That’s Tumblr!

Now you can spend your 30 social media minutes responding to friends and fans and enjoying much more authentic engagement without the worry of what you’ll post where or when.

PS: When you set up your account, follow me!  I look forward to following you back to see how creatively you can use Tumblr to save yourself time and energy in your author marketing efforts.