social media scam artistsMy friend, Tina Gerow, posted this on Facebook the other day.  It brought up an important factor of author promotion: The Social Media Scam Artists.

FB just told me that my Cover Reveal photo for Sleeping With Shadows I reposted this morning on my Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan page is doing better than 95% of my other posts on my author page and would I like to pay to Boost it.

Uh, let me see…NO. What I would LIKE you to do is to actually freaking show my posts to everyone who liked my page. I shouldn’t NEED to Boost it since when you register for FB it says it’s free and always will be. Lying ass bitches!! Oh, sorry- was that in my outdoor voice?

Just irritating.

Sigh…now after my FB rant about bugging us to boost our posts, now I’m getting spammed from people/groups offering to promote my stuff for me – of course for payment.

Ugh… yes, I know some people need to and do pay for promo packages. I’m not one of them or I would’ve just paid for the boost. And in any event, spamming me with your “shtick” isn’t going to endear you to me or stir up my business, even if I was in the market… Just sayin’

Don’t be suckered by those people and groups who promise they’ll promote you all over Facebook with their huge network for the right price.  Charging people to be a part of your Facebook Group or Page is against the Facebook Terms of Service.  Sadly, too many of these so-called “social media professionals” have their heads up their butts and no real knowledge of what you can and can’t do on your social media networks.  If you or they get caught doing this, not only will they be removed from Facebook, but you could be too.

Think about it: You’re an author trying to get your name and your work out there.  You’ve put in a good deal of time building and promoting your author Facebook page and you have a solid following of people who have “Liked” it.

Then it disappears.  Yep.  It happens that quickly.

You can’t get it or your fans back.  You’re back at square one

The best way to promote yourself on Facebook is cooperatively.  Here are some suggestions for doing that:

  1. Get together with some author friends and agree to promote each other’s posts about new releases or writing news.
  2. Go to your writer friends’ author pages and be sure you’ve selected “Get Notifications” so you can share their news promptly.
  3. Use the Facebook RSS Graffiti application to automatically posts links on your Facebook wall to new blogs your author friends publish.

Remember, just because someone calls herself a social media something-or-other doesn’t mean she knows what she’s doing.  Before you pay anyone to promote your author brand, do your due diligence and be sure they’re a true professional who really does know what they’re doing, does it legally, and brings results for their clients.

Bottom line: Don’t be taken in by the Social Media Scam Artists.

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