sylvester stallone, bullet to the head, hot guys with gunsI’ve been a fan of Sly’s since I was a kid.  I’ve  loved all his movies over the years.  As I grew up, I learned his story and came to really respect his level of motivation and business savvy.

sylvester stallone, sly, abs, hot guys with guns

In addition to business savvy, he’s got a hell of a work ethic.  You can’t get the kind of body he has showed off in his movies without a tremendous amount of dedication and the ability to show up, day after day, at the gym.  Nobody can deny that Stallone brings it to every movie he makes.

butkiss, rocky, dog

rocky, sly, stallone, sylvester

Once again, Stallone has created a winning franchise.  This time, it’s the Expendables.

cobra, sly, sylvester, stallone

Things weren’t looking good for action movies when Stallone dreamed up The Expendables.  Action movies had taken on a more thoughtful, cerebral tone and people like me, who just wanted a good story with lots of physical action from believable actors were starving.

stallone, hot guys with guns

Enter, Barney Ross and his band of Expendables, the ass kicking, spinning-back-kicking, machine-gun-toting, monsters-from-your-nightmares, cage-match-fighting, stars from the 80’s and the toughest band of muscle he could muster today.

You got chills too, right?

Expendables 3 Full Cast

Sylvester Stallone
Barney Ross
Jason Statham
Lee Christmas
Jet Li
Yin Yang
Antonio Banderas
Wesley Snipes
Dolph Lundgren
Gunnar Jensen
Mel Gibson
Conrad Stonebanks
Harrison Ford
Max Drummer
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Other cast:
Kellan Lutz
Terry Crews
Hale Caesar
Sarai Givaty
Kelsey Grammer
Robert Davi
Goran Vogner
Natalie Burn
Kristina (Conrad’s Wife)
Victor Ortiz
Randy Couture
Toll Road
Glen Powell
Thorn / Wifi
Ronda Rousey
Lisbeth Olofsson
Gunnar’s Daughter
Velizar Binev
Art Broker
Anton Poriazov
Conrad Helicopter Pilot
Harry Anichkin