Oli Gardner created this amazing piece of graphic and marketing wizardry several years ago and it is still, for the most part, current.  This guy knows what he’s doing with online marketing, but the problem with amazing resources like his is authors have to read through all of it and filter out what just won’t work for them.  Being an author, and someone who does online marketing for a living, I saw the need for something that was targeted specifically toward authors that wouldn’t cost them a small fortune in either time or money to put into action.

That’s when I created the Social Media Superstar Handbook and began teaching classes on social media for authors.

Now, you can work your way through Oli’s magnificent resource (roughly a 6-month study) and figure out what applies to you as an author, or you can just take my 6-week class at www.WriterUniv.com and save your precious time for what you really want to do – write books.

The 2014 Edition of the Social Media Superstar Handbook will be made available prior to publication at no extra cost to class participants.

This is the only class I’ll be offering in 2014.

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing - Infographic
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