YMCAExercise, Education and All Around Family Well-Being

I’ve been thinking about museum and gym memberships and finding a regular babysitter lately. It’s all been rather depressing as I’ve tallied up the damage to our budget.

The Homeschool Dilemma

We’re homeschooling so I’ve been looking around for places that have programs just for homeschoolers so my boys can get out and meet up with more kids their own ages. Most kids their own ages don’t “get” them (they were bound to be brainiacs) but I think the chances with other homeschoolers would be pretty good as there are usually some pretty advanced kids in the homeschooling pool. The San Antonio Children’s Museum and the Museum of Art have some great programs, but there’s city traffic, parking, memberships and program fees to consider. That puts a crimp in a writer’s budget.

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