social.media_So you can’t understand how I expect you to limit your social media time to 30 minutes a day in order to spend more time writing?

I’ll tell you how.

If you’ve read my book or taken one of my classes, you should already have your social platforms built on solid footing.  Initial construction of your social media platforms takes some serious work, but once everything is set up and you have all your branding consistent and accounts linked, the rest is a piece of cake.

Here’s what you should do every day:

Facebook Profile:

  1. Go to People You May Know and submit 10 friend requests with people you share a large number of friends with.
  2. Check your notifications and reply as appropriate.  If you have over 100 notifications, start trimming the number of people you get notifications from or learn to skim the list.

Facebook Page:

  1. Respond to any posts made by fans.


  1. Respond to any mentions you’ve received.
  2. Tweet something clever.  (It helps to have a list of clever things in the event you aren’t feeling overly clever.)
  3. Retweet 3 tweets by friends.

social media classThat should take you no more than 15 minutes.  If it takes longer, find a way to restrain yourself.

For the other 15 minutes, 5 days per week, you should spend your time doing some focused work that both maintains and builds your networks.  You can choose any network for any day, just keep it consistent every week.  Here’s how I do it:

Monday:Facebook Page

  1. Invite new Facebook friends to like the page
  2. Schedule one post per day for the upcoming week

Tuesday: Pinterest

  1. Follow Followers
  2. Create a new board fans will enjoy
  3. Pin 5-10 pins

Wednesday: Tweepi

  1.  Flush unfollowers
  2. Reciprocate new followers
  3. Follow 50 followers of another author in my genre

Thursday: Website

  1. Respond to blog comments
  2. Write blog(s) for the week

Friday: Tumblr

  1. Follow Followers
  2. Add 10 posts to queue

That’s it!

If you have all your networks connected as I explain in my book and classes, these things are all you’ll need to do to not only stay on top of your social media, but to build your networks as well.

Set a timer.

30 minutes per day maximum.

Do it.

I hope you found this information useful and will share it with your writing friends.  If you like what I’ve provided here, I hope you’ll consider taking my Social Media Refresher Course this July at WriterU.  Click here for details.  If you can’t make it this July, I welcome you to subscribe to my Social Media Tips for Writers Newsletter and consider taking my next Social Media Superstar Class at WriterU in 2015.

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