Facebook Changes – Is the sky falling?

Eggs-in-Basket-FB, facebookA former client of mine recently proclaimed his ability to embrace change but wondered if it was really necessary for him to be on Pinterest.  Historically, he’s mostly put all his eggs in the Facebook basket, despite my multiple and violent protestations, and even created additional Facebook Fan Pages based upon geography for his product, which is still only available in Texas.  (Those multiple Facebook Pages were something I advised against and will continue to defend my position. A single product needs a single Facebook Page.  Multiple Pages simply dilute your brand.)

So back to my former client who we’ll just call Steve.

He read my article about Facebook Fan Pages Faceplanting and how people who want to promote their products and services really need to jump on the Pinterest party, like, yesterday.

Steve wasn’t happy about that.

Nobody likes change.

The problem is, everyone has been depending so heavily on Facebook over the past few years that they really don’t see a reason for change.

How about these reasons:

  1. Facebook is doing away with business pages.  How long do you think it will be before they do away with product and service pages?
  2. Facebook is changing their system so that only 2-3% of the people who like your Facebook Page will receive notifications from it.  That means your weekly numbers reports are going to look like the sky is falling and that’s when Facebook swoops in and tells you a sweet story about how you really need to advertise with them.  Yes, throwing money at it always makes it better.


One of Steve’s pals tried to make it better by saying “But Pinterest isn’t you! Why succumb to that?  Pinterest is just a “cute” way of sharing links. Facebook gives you a wider and freer range to express what you want to.”

No offense meant to his well-meaning friend, but I don’t think she read my article.  I wasn’t telling people to get off Facebook.  By all means, you should absolutely have a Facebook Profile, and I still recommend a Facebook Page, but I don’t recommend putting all your eggs in that basket anymore. 

Facebook Fan Pages are faceplanting. The personal profiles aren’t. You can’t make the personal connections Steve’s friend speaks of on Fan Pages. If you were to rebrand your personal profile (that’s your “Friend” page, in case you’re confused) with say your business cover image and your personal profile picture, you could still make those personal connections as well as help your business grow through your personal network. Fan pages & business pages are being phased out, so my advice is to beef up your personal profile for both business & pleasure.

Some examples of how you might do this:

  1. Use a cover photo that represents your business.
  2. Fill out the Work section of your profile with your business information.
  3. Fill out your basic and contact information to include your business website address and business email.
  4. Fill out the About You section with more than just you.  Yes, tell people about who you are and how your business is a part of that.
  5. Connect your other social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Foursquare to Facebook so people will see those posts on your Facebook Profile.  Then use those networks to promote your business. 

Now Steve is probably frustrated because he has a static website that only has one image he can pin to Pinterest.  The thing is, he posts tons of photos to Facebook (all those eggs in that single basket again).  For folks like Steve, I highly recommend a Tumblr site.  They’re easy to use, you can load them up with thousands of photos in the blink of an eye, and, yeah, you can pin those babies on Pinterest.

A little something more about Steve without giving away his true identity:

He owns a brand of tequila.

Because of his particular product, he simply does not see the benefit to having a Pinterest account.

He’s wrong.

Pinterest reaches the people making the buying decisions for distilled spirits.  I spend a lot of time in liquor stores for Tequila Aficionado and the guys may be the ones purchasing the bottles, but 9 times out of 10, they’re buying what the woman on the other end of their phone says to get.  If Steve reaches those women, and they are on Pinterest, then he’ll reach his target market.

Check out Avion’s Pinterest account. They’re rocking it hard.

I’d like to mention one last thing about marketing tequila since I’ve let that cat out of the bag.

We ladies don’t appreciate all the tits, ass and butt-floss a lot of brands are using on their Facebook Pages.  That turns most of us off from buying a brand.  You want to get our whistle wet?  Cocktail recipes, classy bottles, snifters instead of Solo cups, and classy dames in your advertising.  Don’t market to us like we’re all a bunch of bimbos who will go home with the first douchebag to buy us a shot of mixto.

broken-egg, facebookSo that’s my take on how to adjust to the recent changes to Facebook and bump up your brand marketing whether you’re a tequila brand, a realtor or pool salesman.

Keep it classy and get some more baskets for your eggs before the bottom falls out and you’re standing in a mess.