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facebook fan pageI was curious as to whether you recommend a “regular” FB page or a “fan”/”like” page for authors (I’ve heard it called both, but am not super FB savvy so am not sure which is correct). I have writing friends who prefer one or the other, but often nowadays I’m seeing authors who have regular pages pre-publishing, then are switching to fan pages after they publish. It seems like a lot of wasted time when you have worked to build your “friends” list on a regular page, since not all of those people will necessarily click to like your author page. But then, as a pre-published writer, I feel somewhat weird about having an author page and asking people to “like” it when the comments are mostly my daily doings, not publishing information. Any insight you might give on this topic?


In answer to the first question: there is a Facebook Profile (the basic starter page everybody has on Facebook and the one where people are your “Friends”) and the Fan Page (where people “Like” your page).  I recommend starting with a basic profile.  You can discuss as much or as little of your personal life as you like, but it is easier to build your numbers with that page first.

A Fan Page for unpublished writers isn’t a necessity until you get close to 5,000 friends on your profile.  Personally, my Profile sees WAY more action than my Fan Page but the Fan Page serves a purpose when I want to let readers know about new releases and book news.

I should note here that recent changes at Facebook are causing the phasing out of Facebook Fan Pages.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one though.  Published writers should have one for fans that go looking for them, so set yours up in keeping with your branding and then set all your other networks to post to your Fan Page automatically.


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