Q: I pay over three hundred dollars every year for hosting on GoDaddy, but through the woman who first set it up for me. I really wonder whether a website has to cost me so much and have thought of going through WordPress.com, BUT I like my current website.

A: That’s so much money!  Truth be told, you could recreate your website on WordPress.com in about 30 minutes and pay less than $25 a year for it.  In my classes, I always encourage writers to save money where they can and consolidate their blogs  and websites into one in order to give themselves a consolidated online hub, a destination, that fans can go to for all their information.  You’d be surprised at how simple it is to import all of your blogs and pages into a single website.

This is why I teach these classes.  So many people are overpaying for websites because they simply don’t understand how easy this is.


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