lost a chapter, retrieve word documentWriters, we’ve all been there.  Your muse flies in the window, hits you over the head with her wand and the next thing you know, you’ve written several thousand words.  

Joy overwhelms you!  You stand up from your seat at the computer to stretch and do the happy dance.  

As you’re getting your groove on, you trip over the cord, your computer falls to the floor and the screen fades to black.  You’ve lost all of that inspired writing.


Retrieve Lost Documents in Microsoft Word

Get your words back by following this link.

Retrieve Lost Documents in Google Docs/Google Drive

recover document, google docs, drive, cloudOh, but wait…you weren’t using Microsoft Word.  You were using Google Documents on your tablet or cellphone?

There’s an answer for that crisis too.  No more tears, you can recover that Google Document too.

Just click on this link for details.

retrieve documents from ipad

Retrieve Lost Documents on iPad

Oh, but you weren’t using either of those, huh?  That sucks.  So you’re one of those iPeople?

That’s OK.  You might still be able to retrieve your document.

Check out this link for details on iPhone and iPad recovery of documents.





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