I’ve been working on the overhaul of my website recently and it seems to be an exercise in reflection, focus and direction.  I seem to be writing my compass, if you can understand that sort of logic.  Here’s the preview of my revised biography that now appears on my website:

thibault, francois louisLisa Pietsch was born Lisa Thibault in Lewiston, Maine.  Her father was a carpenter and her mother a homemaker.  It was a modest, middle-class world for this 3rd generation American whose family still spoke a mish-mash of French and English at home.  Her grandparents were the first of her family born in the U.S. while her Thibault and Gravel forefathers were counted among the early few French settlers in Quebec.lisa thibault, lisa woodward, lisa pietsch

Lisa has enjoyed many adventures in her lifetime and is still racking up more.  A significant amount of time in the United States Air Force yielded far more adventures than she’d ever imagined.  Though the photo at right is in dress blues, Lisa preferred combat boots, BDUs and a bandana for headgear (see below).  She was most happy carrying machine guns and heavy packs of ammunition.  But that was a long time ago.

lisa thibault, lisa woodward, lisa pietsch, teresa berber, teresa bowman, amy cost, RAF Lakenheath, air force, military police, england, UK


Lisa traded in her combat boots for wedded bliss and motherhood.  Little did she know, “Wedded” and “Bliss” didn’t always go together.  The bliss part would come later though.

Escaping into an alternate future, Lisa wrote several novels based around the character Sarah Stevens.  The were well received and her experience in promoting them gave her the confidence to seek a life of her own as a novelist and marketing consultant.

 The Path to Freedom by Lisa Pietsch A Taste of Liberty by Lisa PietschFreedom's Promise by Lisa Pietschstealing liberties, lisa pietsch, sarah stevens, task force 125







She achieved considerable success in bringing in results for her clients but wondered if she might prefer to write full time.  Finally, circumstances allowed her to explore it and she discovered that her passion really was in marketing but would continue to write on the side.

saxtremecosta pacifica, san antonio, saxtreme magazine, lisa pietsch, john knottsWith such a strong writing and marketing background, publishing was a natural next step.  She partnered with John Knotts, a fellow veteran, on a local startup called SAXtreme.  SAXtreme was a lifestyle magazine for San Antonio, Texas, that featured exercise, outdoor and healthy living choices for the greater San Antonio area.  SAXtreme enjoyed strong growth and great success in its first six months.  Unfortunately, with Knotts taking on a new corporate position, moving to a new home and marrying – as well as Lisa also moving to a new home and taking on more marketing clients, SAXtreme was set aside.

New adventures, new skills, and finally buying a home of her own helped Lisa to find a direction that was the perfect for her.  She partnered with Alexander Perez and Mike Morales of Tequila Aficionado.  They had the knowledge of tequila, tequila culture and its community and she brought her passion for fine tequilas and social media and digital marketing skills.  Tequila Aficionado embarked on a new direction with Mike Morales as CEO and Lisa as COO.  Tequila Aficionado Media found great success as it realized it’s 15th year as a direct to consumer multimedia publication for agave spirits.

Then something else happened.  Lisa and Mike discovered they were just as good together personally as they were professionally.

Lisa now enjoys her work as COO of Tequila Aficionado Media as well as a Digital Media Marketing Consultant.  In her marketing work, Lisa creates websites, interlinks clients’ social networks in a delightful web of efficiency, advises them on marketing strategies for their books and brands, and much more.  She also writes extensively for Yahoo in the area of Author Marketing while unschooling her two amazing boys.

destilando amorHer passion for foreign languages and fine tequilas and mezcals has launched her into a deeper study of the Spanish language which consists of binge-watching telenovelas at home whenever possible.  This inevitably leads to inspiration for more fiction writing so don’t expect to stop seeing her books at Amazon.com anytime soon  she’s still writing!

Lisa currently lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her darling companion Mike, sons Teddy & Markie, two cats, and a three-legged dog.

She expects her next adventure to involve an extended stay in Mexico very soon.  (For research, of course!)

Thanks to the joys of social media, you can find Lisa just about anywhere!  Use the buttons at the top left of each page to connect with Lisa on any social network.



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