find lost document, word, microsoft I hate seeing authors lose their words! We’ve all had it happen: we’re suddenly inspired and spend a whole day writing madly. We’re banging away on the keyboard and swear we can see flames shooting from our fingertips. Then a child cries, the phone rings or a dog needs to go outside and when we return… The document is gone! Not in the trash. Not in a temporary folder. Not saved. It’s just gone, baby, gone. ALL GONE. In my social media travels around the webverse, I’ve found several ways to get words back. I share the link to the complete tutorial here on my website because it is an invaluable tool for writers and I share links to it whenever friends mention on Facebook or Twitter that they’ve lost words. So far, I know I’ve helped Leah Braemel and Jolene Navarro find lost words and that makes me happy indeed because they’re both fabulous writers.  (Check them out!) Jolene is a well respected author and professional and doesn’t just throw endorsements out willy-nilly, so I was pleasantly surprised when she posted this recently:   jolene guinther navarro

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