24dc*I plan to continue doing these 24 Day Challenges until I reach my goal.  I’d love you to join me on the next one, whether you use Advocare products or not.  We’ll have our own private group on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge app (also available for iThings) to support each other every day.  Transformation, or even a little change, is so much easier with a friend.  Please join me?


It’s Friday and that means an early wake up for us so the boys can get to their Homeschool Art & Phys Ed classes at the YMCA.  Normally, I’d have a workout while they’re in their classes, but I’m not playing with the anemia today.  I’ll take an easy ride on my recumbent bike at home later today – just in case I still have issues.


my advocare word cloudGetting dressed this morning, I realized my clothes were fitting better. I’m not one to trust my mirror since years of low self-esteem conditioned me to be critical of that reflection, but I do trust the fit of my clothes.  Regardless of what that lame bathroom scale says, I know these Advocare products are helping me to “redistrict” my body composition and that’s my ultimate goal anyway.

Thyroid Issues

I’ve been pretty honest about my own health issues in respect to my thyroid because I hope it’ll help other women to be aware of their own possible underlying health issues.  You see, thyroid issues are fairly common among women who have had children and get more common as we get older.  An underactive, or undermedicated, thyroid can make weight loss nearly impossible, keeps energy levels low, makes it difficult to focus, and it can also cause extremely heavy periods leading to anemia – among other things.

My doctor has me on Synthroid to address the overall thyroid issue but, as you can see, we’re still working on finding the right dosage.  If I didn’t have that thyroid issue, I wouldn’t need prescription iron for the anemia,  Wellbutrin to make periods lighter, or Adderall for focus.  One single problem that could be addressed with the correct dosage of one drug (synthroid) is affecting so many aspects of my health that each symptom is being treated with its own prescription.  I hate that!  I hate being dependent upon so many pharmaceuticals.

My hope is that changing my body composition to more muscle and less fat will help me to put a lid on all of these conditions and make less synthroid more effective on my body.  Since thyroid glands don’t regenerate, I’m resigned to taking the synthroid for the rest of my life but these other medications are less than effective and only serving to support big pharma.  No thanks!  Give me the right dosage of synthroid and I’ll handle everything else with healthy living.


I Need Buddies!

When I’m done with this first #24DC, I plan to keep on going! I’d love you to join me, whether you use Advocare products or not.  We’ll have our own private group on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge app (also available for iThings) to keep each other on track every day.  Fitness is always easier with a buddy so who’s in?  Please leave a comment below or email me privately at Lisa@LisaPietsch.com if you’re ready to make a change with me.