What is Consistency but Routine?

You may have noticed that consistency is a sticking point for me right now.  Consistency in blogging, consistency in nutrition, consistency with exercise.

The strange thing is I’m a taurus and we love routine.  That makes us very consistent creatures of habit.

I like to wake up at the same time every day.

I like to eat the same thing for breakfast every day.

I like my usual coffee cup – even though I have a huge collection.

I like to wear the same style of clothes every day – Einstein understood that. 

Anything that upsets my routine is unwelcome and usually met with pissing & moaning as my dad likes to call it.

The thing about this Advocare 24 Day Challenge is it upsets my apple cart a bit.  I’m changing my routine and, well, change is unwelcone.

I know I need these changes though.

I also know that once I make these changes into habits, they’ll become my routine.  My baseline.  My everyday.  Consistently.

The hard part is creating the new habits.  That’s where I see the 24 Day Challenge app as being so valuable.  It only takes 21 days (of consistency) to create a habit.  I sort of blew the habit creation this time around.  I slipped off the wagon for a few days.  (After all, there’s no place on the app to note the potato chips I ate.)  But I’m back at it and this time maybe I can stick with it a little longer before falling off the wagon.  And then the time after that maybe I can go a little longer, until I finally create that habit, that routine, that healthy consistency that I’m looking for.morning


Elusive consistency.

Building a new routine.

Not easy.

But I know it is worth it.

Let’s Do This!

frank underwood, i dare youWhen I’m done with this first #24DC, I plan to keep on going! I’d love you to join me, whether you use Advocare products or not.  We’ll have our own private group on the free Advocare 24 Day Challenge app (also available foriThings) to keep each other on track every day.  Fitness is always easier with a buddy so who’s in?  Please leave a comment below or email me privately at Lisa@LisaPietsch.com if you’re ready to make a change with me.