*I plan to continue doing these 24 Day Challenges until I reach my goal.  I’d love you to join me on the next one, whether you use Advocare products or not.  We’ll have our own private group on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge app (also available for iThings) to support each other every day.  Transformation, or even a little change, is so much easier with a friend.  Please join me?

scale_madI’m writing this later in the day because I just couldn’t face writing a blog this morning. I weighed in this morning at 186 pounds.

The shame!

It is now 6:44 p.m. And I am happy to announce that I weigh 185. The day has not been completely lost.

Remember when I said that this was all about dialing in all four parts of my lifestyle to make this change?  I needed rest, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation, right?

Well Here’s what happened this week:

I was dialed in for several days on rest, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. That’s when it was all working well and I was losing about a pound a day.


Then I got lazy and stopped exercising.  I didn’t really realize I had stopped.  I was just busy with other things and forgot about it.  Once again I found myself in a situation where I had three of the four criteria fulfilled and saw absolutely no progress.

I think it is safe to say that I have learned my lesson.

Schedule exercise.  Make it an appointment!

I made sure to get on my bike today and pedal at a good clip to make seven miles in thirty minutes. It was a short workout but I think it was just what I needed to kick my metabolism up a notch because I was super hungry afterwards.

Now a note about the nutrition:

I am really not the type of person who enjoys a big breakfast, but I can’t get by on just a liquid meal replacement. There is something inherently unsatisfying about a shake as a meal.  It makes a great snack, but my body (or mind) doesn’t like it as a meal.  Maybe if I take time to get used to such meals?  Who knows?

coffeeccino, advocareSo today I switched it up a little. I started the day with my morning snack instead of my breakfast.  I had two almond meal cookies. These are homemade, sugar-free cookies made completely with almond meal and no flour at all.  These were much better with my coffee and a much more satisfying way to start my day than with a stomach full or not full at all.  I also tried the Advocare Coffeeccino in a cup of coffee.  It added a nice energetic punch to the Joe!

Later as my breakfast meal (second breakfast?  I had skirt steak on two low-carb tortillas with an apple on the side.

My next meal kind of covered my next snack and lunch: I had one chicken breast tenderloin and two sticks of celery with peanut butter on them. So I counted that as my snack peanut butter and as a meat and vegetable for lunch.

Now I’m at that point in the day where I’m jonesing for a Spark, so I will have my second Spark of the day to keep me going.

Tonight I will have a healthy dinner and I may have a small snack afterward.

I Need Buddies!

When I’m done with this first #24DC, I plan to keep on going! I’d love you to join me, whether you use Advocare products or not.  We’ll have our own private group on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge app (also available for iThings) to keep each other on track every day.  Fitness is always easier with a buddy so who’s in?  Please leave a comment below or email me privately at Lisa@LisaPietsch.com if you’re ready to make a change with me.