24dcAre you ready for this?

I’ve lost a grand total of 11.5 inches in the past 24 days.

Now that I’ve finished my first Advocare 24 Day Challenge, I’m really motivated to keep moving forward.

I’ll be using the nutrition that I know works for me and that includes homemade Ezekiel bread, brown rice, beans, grilled meats, eggs, fresh & frozen vegetables, and meal replacement shakes.

My exercise will include weight training three days a week and biking daily.  Once I have a routine established with those, I’ll begin training three days a week at the Underground Performance Center (aka Get Sexy San Antonio Boot Camps) with Jonathan Acosta and Jennifer Martinez-Acosta (a woman with an amazing success story of her own).

Supplementation will continue with the Advocare products (MNS Max-E, Spark, Catalyst, ThermoPlus, CarbEase, Meal Replacement Shakes and others) that have already helped me break through to a whole new level of results.

Here’s how it all shaped up:

Left Thigh24231
Right Thigh24231
Left Calf15.5150.5
Right Calf15.5150.5
Inches Lost  11.5

Are you ready to transform yourself?  Join my team, The Transformers, now.

advocare, transformationWhether you use Advocare products or not, let’s do this together!  I’ve created a group called The Transformers on the free Advocare 24 Day Challenge app (available for Android in the Google Play Store or here for iOS devices).

Get the app now and enjoy your free day on Monday because we’re kicking it off on Tuesday.  Check out the 24 Day Challenge website and use any of the free tools available there.  Take your starting measurements and set your goals your now.  We’ll do this as a team and support each other in our journey to a healthier body so whether you just want to exercise more, change your diet, gain muscle, lose fat, control a condition – or whatever – we can do this together and provide support and encouragement through the group on the app.

So what are you waiting for?  Get the app, join The Transformers (with the image above as our icon), take your starting measurements, and set some goals!  I’ll see you in the app!