diva tequila, #WildDivaPJParty

10pm is just when the party gets fun so why stop?  Join us for the after-party!

Whether you go to The Lair or the Dance Party at the Menger on Thursday night, the Wild Wicked Weekend scheduled events end at 10pm.

That’s when the After-Party gets started!

Jeanie Valenzuela and I are hosting a pajama party complete with JLP Golden Lime Margaritas, Diva Tequila, and my handmade chocolate truffles.

If you’re attending the Wild Wicked Weekend this year, we’d love to have you join us from 10pm until whenever!

It’s a #WildDivaPJParty!

We’ve got free drinks, chocolates and book swag for as long as they last!

We’ll have plenty of ready-to-drink JLP Tequila margaritas, margaritas made with Diva Tequila and Zilch (0 calorie) Margarita Mix as well as some Diva for sipping.  We’ll also have some of my handmade chocolate truffles and chocolate dipped strawberries.

wolf moon, #WildDivaPJPartyWe’re throwing this little pajama party as a way to congratulate a few of our friends on their new boxed sets. Heather Long, Saranna DeWylde, and Virginia Nelson just released a boxed set with Cara Carnes and Rebecca Royce, entitled Under a Wolf Moon, so we’ll have several copies to raffle off as well as swag from a few authors.  Be sure to join us at 10pm if you’d like to meet some of the authors!

Wear your jammies, nightie, teddy, babydoll, onesie, or whatever you hang out and read in on a rainy day!

elite metal, #WildDivaPJPartyWe’ll be in our room at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio so follow the hashtag #WildDivaPJParty for our room assignment.

truffles, #WildDivaPJPartyWe’ll break open the bottles at 7pm so you can join us to pre-game before the The Lair & dance party but pajamas & nightcaps later are the order of the evening.  We were planning to hang out, drink good tequila, and eat chocolate anyway – so why not join us?  We also have some great friends who have recently released boxed sets so we’ve stocked up on copies to give away to a few lucky party attendees!

#WildDivaPJParty, #wildwickedweekend, wild wicked weekend

jlpThis event is not hosted by the Belle Femme Authors (BRENNA ZINNCERISE DELANDDALTON DIAZDESIREE HOLTREGINA CARLYSLE, and SAMANTHA CAYTO), nor are we sponsors of the Wild Wicked Weekend – but it has been approved by the powers that be.  The folks at Diva Tequila & JLP Tequila have supplied us with samples to enjoy, so we plan on doing just that!

So save the date: PJ after-party at 10pm on Thursday February 19th, in our room at the Menger Hotel.  Follow us on Twitter at @LisaPietsch and @CodeNamePandora and look for the hashtag #WildDivaPJParty  

Follow the fun as it happens at www.twubs.com/wilddivapjparty.  We’ll be live tweeting and posting pictures all night!

You may also want to check out these fine authors:

Heather Long, Saranna DeWylde, Virginia NelsonCara Carnes & Rebecca Royce

The Wild Wicked Weekend is and annual event hosted by authors Brenna Zinn, Cerise DeLand, Dalton Diaz, Desiree Holt, Regina Carlysle and Samantha Cayto.  We are neither sponsors nor owners of the brand or event, simply a couple of broads with booze hoping to hang out with other bookish wild divas.