Wordpress is Better for Authors http://lisapietsch.com/2015/02/wordpress-authors/Why WordPress? Short answer: 

WordPress allows social connectivity automation that other platforms simply don’t have.  Translated, it saves you more time than any other website/blogging platform.

Long answer: 

wordpressWordPress.com began as simply a free blogging platform.  It has evolved as times changed and now it is a platform that still provides blogging capabilities, but also provides the ability to set up static pages (like an author’s “About Me” page, or a page describing each book he/she has written).

facebookAs social media grew to epic proportions, the WordPress platform evolved more.  Now we can connect our blog/site to our social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Path, Tumblr, and Google+ so that every time we post a blog on our site, it is automatically shared to each of our networks.  So instead of having to log in to Facebook, post an update with a link to your blog, then log in to Twitter to post another update with a link to your blog, and so on with all your other networks, WordPress does that work for you automatically.

Now WordPress.com has certain rules about the free sites they provide us.  One of those is that if you want to sell anything that you didn’t create or you want to sell advertising on your website (like Google Ads), then you can’t do it on a free WordPress.com website.  That’s why I recommend WordPress.com to authors because, in most cases, they’re only trying to sell their own work.
But what if you’re like me and you are a writer AND an affiliate seller?  You want to be able to add affiliate links to your sidebars or blogs so readers can buy if they want.  That’s where WordPress.org comes in.
WordPress.org is for people with self-hosted websites.  Let me explain self-hosted since there seems to be some confusion there too.
  • Self hosting is the act of having your website totally under your control. This can include you managing all whole aspects of it, from setting up the web server to installing software, to simply managing your weblog software like WordPress.
yahooA self-hosted website is one that is hosted by a paid provider but you are the one who maintains & builds tthe website.  For example, some of you have websites hosted by GoDaddy, Bluehost, or Yahoo Small Business.  You pay for that service, but you’re responsible for building the site or paying someone else to build it.
A WordPress or Blogger hosted website is hosted by WordPress.com or Blogger.com (a Google company) and you must abide by their terms of service or they can make your website/blog disappear anytime they want.
So WordPress.org is a platform available for those of us with self-hosted websites.  GoDaddy hosts my website, but I built and maintain it myself using the WordPress.org platform.
I know this can all be very confusing if you’re new to it, but it is vitally important that authors understand the ins & outs of their most important marketing tool – the website.
blogger, wordpressLastly, Blogger has caught up over the past few years and they’re a bit more user friendly but still don’t have all the automatic posting and sharing capabilities that WordPress has.  Weebly has improved as well in that they have automatic sharing to Facebook and now allow SEO data input, but it isn’t a platform I’d recommend yet.  And Wix?  Don’t even waste your time because it WILL be a waste of time.  I’ve used all of these platforms and nothing has measured up to the automation capabilities of the WordPress platform.