We lived in an RV and We liked it.
rv lifestyle, drivingFor the past several years, my partner, Mike, and I have had fun discussions about how great it would be to just pack up the kids and pets and take off on an RV adventure.  We’d be modern day explorers, seeking out new adventures and making new friends, all while being (technically) on vacation.  More and more, we began to dream out loud about the RV lifestyle.
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cruise america When it became necessary to travel to New Mexico, we discovered the least expensive option was to rent an RV.  So we packed up the kids and the pets and took off on a one-week RV adventure.  It was our RV lifestyle test drive.
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palazzo, thorWe’d seen the Palazzos by Thor and the Phaetons by Tiffin and dreamed of someday rolling away in the lap of luxury.  But the lap of luxury is an expensive place for a tequila industry consultant and a social media consultant.  Both starting over at mid-life, with two young kids aged 10 and 7, set us a bit behind the power curve when most people our age are attending their kids’ college graduations and retiring.  So we let ourselves dream for a while.
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Then the manifesting began.
happy campersWe had to go to New Mexico to get Mike’s things in storage.  Our Jeep Wrangler was far too uncomfortable for such a drive.  Flying has become a hassle and taking a train was entirely too expensive.  It was the perfect opportunity to try RV living.  So we rented a Class C RV from Cruise America at the same price we’d have paid for staying in a hotel every night and the adventure began!
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Planning the trip was an exercise in minimalism.  What would we need for a week?  Food, coffee, Advocare supplements, and clothes and linens for starters.  freddie dashWe usually cook once for the week and keep everything in containers in the refrigerator so we did the same thing for our week in the RV.  Scrambled eggs and sausage, shredded beef, tortillas, Ezekiel bread, yogurt, cheese, fruits, juice, a can of Don Francisco coffee and our coffeemaker and we were all set.
Next, since we still had work to do while we were on the road, we’d have to determine what electronics were coming along and just where we’d get our internet signal. You see, Mike and I do the bulk of our work online.  We’re writers and consultants.  We have reading, writing and social media accounts that need attention every day.  So Mike planned to bring his laptop and phone, I would bring my iPad and phone, and the kids would each bring their Kindle tablets and 17″ laptop computers.  (Did I mention that we’re homeschoolers?)  Along with our electronics, we’d need the associated cords, accessories, and tangle of whatnot to keep them all going.
turty rvWe planned to bring 2 cats, a dog, and a turtle, so we’d also need their food, bowls, a leash, a cat carrier and something the turtle could live in for a week. Dry cat food and dog food in gallon sized ziplock bags and turtle food in a can were easy enough.  We had a cat carrier and dog leash.  Check.  Turty needed a special kind of child safety seat though.  With a little creativity, I managed to find a small pet carrier and aquatic decor that doubled as a dry spot.  It was just big enough to provide Turty a bit of water to dunk in and enough headroom to climb onto the ceramic stump for sun.  A bungee cord attached to either side of the table and run through the handle of the carrier kept it secured to the table and in front of the window.
We would be traveling it what was technically the off-season, but we made campground reservations anyway.  That was simple enough.  water liliesWe found a Good Sam in Van Horn, TX, with full hookups, a pool and wifi.  What more did we need?  Then we found a KOA in Bernalillo, NM, with the same necessary amenities and booked that too.
When we picked up the RV, we had a brief orientation and then Lance gave us the keys to our adventure. I had elected to drive it, so the kids tumbled in, full of wonder and excitement, and we drove home to pack it up and set off on the open road!
van horn
This was it…we were living the dream!
Stay tuned for more on our RV Lifestyle Adventure…