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I usually refer to Mike Morales as “my darling companion”, so it would be reasonable for you to wonder why I’m posting a link to some guy’s tequila blog. Actually, Tequila Aficionado is our tequila magazine (along with our 3rd partner, the founder, Alexander Perez), but that’s where Mike posts the bulk of his articles.  This is all part of what we hope will be our transition to the RV Lifestyle.  I hope you enjoy Mike’s take:

Tequila Aficionado on the Road

Unlike some tequilas, most of my moves have never been smooth–or without incident.
For the better part of 18 years, I lived in New Mexico.  After a year long stay in my home state of California, I moved my personal residence and headquarters to San Antonio, TX to helm the newly revamped Tequila Aficionado Media almost two years ago.  In all that time, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in storage fees.
So, when my partner, Lisa Pietsch, suggested an RV road trip in late May/early June to get the rest of my possessions in Albuquerque, I was hesitant.