tail from the goddess, freereadTail from the Goddess

Originally created as a round-robin story by authors of the now closed Sapphire Blue Publishing, Tail from the Goddess is a little paranormal romp that is completely FREE!

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Julia Sanderson pressed her palm to her forehead. Where am I, and what did I do? She opened her eyes to find herself in her own bedroom, but something was off. Maybe it was just the hangover. She rolled out of bed and swayed a little as her head throbbed. She closed her eyes against the morning sunlight hammering at her through the window and walked blindly toward the bathroom. As she reached the bathroom door, she heard something rustle in the bed. Something that sounded much larger than her cat, Pyewacket. Every hair on the back of her neck stood up, and she opened her eyes wide. She took a deep breath and turned toward the bed. How did I miss that? A gorgeous man with stunning green eyes smiled at her. “Good morning.”

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