bmg, #boobblab, butterscotch martini girls, blab, book blab, boob blabYou may have missed last week’s “Worst Dates Ever” Blab by the Butterscotch Martini Girls, but you can still catch this week’s Blab tonight!

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We’re hoping to make weekly, Wednesday evening Blabs a regular thing in Butterscotch Martini world.  Every week, we’ll have a different topic, but you can be pretty sure (about 90%) that, whatever it is, it’ll be pretty damned inappropriate.  (Which should be a given since Tina Gerow made a slip and called it a “Boob Blab” instead of a “Book Blab” and we’ve all just sort of stuck with the “Boob Blab” title.  She explains it all here. If you want to have a little fun with it, feel free to tweet the hashtag! #BOOBBLAB)

If Wednesday doesn’t work for you (maybe you have Bible Study or something) you can always catch a replay which we’ll try to repost at the Butterscotch Martini Girl website as soon as possible.  We have a dedicated page just for our Blabs here.

What the hell is a Butterscotch Martini Girl?

bmg, #boobblab, butterscotch martini girls, blab, book blab, boob blabThe Butterscotch Martini Girls started as a critique group in October 2004.  We’ve recently changed our focus to become a promo group (cooperatively promoting each other). We’re still a tight knit group of broads who enjoy the occasional drink now and then (and make a fuss about it when we have time) but mostly we write.  We write in all genres and create quite a cross section of fiction!  Tina Gerow describes how the Butterscotch Martini Girls came about here.