15don't ruin my story with your logic, castle, #amwritingI edit in layers after I write a first draft.  The first draft is all about the story.  After that, I start editing for character quirks, dialogue, emotion and, with my particular stories, I need to edit for logistical details.

Today’s conundrum:

What yacht style could accommodate divers and their gear as well as get one quickly from Tangiers to Bizerte?  How long would it take to get there?  What would be its top cruising speed?  How much fuel would it need?  Would it need to refuel?  

I found myself sitting at my desk, saying something that I’ve heard Richard Castle say before:

“Don’t ruin my story with your logic”

don't ruin my story with your logic, castle, #amwriting

Rest assured, the research has been done, nautical miles, mileage and fuel capacity have been calculated and the story is back on track!

Kissing the Frogman will be longer than initially anticipated, but it will be delivered on time via Amazon.com and other online booksellers:

Kissing the Frogman, don't ruin my story with your logic, #amwriting

Kissing the Frogman

Jennifer Santiago can spot a special forces adrenaline junkie from miles away and knows the score. They’re great for a hook-up but lousy in the long-term relationship department. Lucky for her she was on the rebound and one of those junkies just walked into the casino.

amazonBrian Allen had seen combat all around the world as a Navy SEAL and a paramilitary operations officer in the CIA’s Special Activities Division. When his team is given a cushy assignment as backup in Morocco, he quells the itch for action by taking a night to relax with a beautiful distraction. When she proved even more distracting, he was happy to take the Director’s call – until he realized his big distraction was the Director’s daughter.

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