antonio_sabato_jr_2010_03_30After Kissing the Frogman and Ballantine’s Day, I have a couple romantic comedies planned. One of them is tentatively entitled “Wish Specific”.  While I’m working on these other stories, I’ll be pinning items of inspiration for Wish Specific to my pinboard.

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Excerpt from Wish Specific:

Paul strolled into Mike’s office, closed the door and commenced to pour himself a cup of coffee from the caraffe sitting on Mike’s desk.  He flopped onto the leather sofa and kicked his three-hundred dollar shoe clad feet up on the coffee table all without spilling a drop.  He took a sip.  “You need an espresso machine in here.”

“Yeah, who’s gonna clean that rig after you’ve brewed and frothed?”

“Good point.”  He took another drink.  “You gotta come into the club tonight.”


“A couple of Hollywood hard men are coming in after the fight.  I put the word out on Twitter and all the fangirls are retweeting their tits off.  There’s gonna be a lot of hot horny, women with steaming panties that aren’t going home with their favorite big screen action man.”


“Somebody’s gotta console the poor dears.”

“And it should be us?”

“As the general manager of the hottest club on the strip, I consider it a sacred trust.  You, well, you could consider it public relations.”