I’ve always wanted to be a digital nomad, a modern day gypsy exploring America’s beautiful places in the comfort of a home on wheels.

There were lots of objections over the years:

“We don’t have the money to buy an RV.”

“There’s not enough space to live in an RV.”

“You have kids.  You need to give them a home and stability.”

Yada, yada, yada…the list goes on.  Sometimes it was others saying it and sometimes it was that niggling voice of doubt in my head.

We’ll, I’m not a fully fledged Digital Nomad yet, but I’m getting there.  I’m also disproving all those previous statements.

I still don’t have enough money to buy an RV (yet).

digital nomad, rv lifestyle, unschooling, lifestyle designI am skilled though.  My partner (life & business) and I dreamed up something completely out of the box.  We’re calling it the Dia de los Muertos Tour and, what we’ve done is created social media packages for sponsors who buy in for a nominal fee.  We weren’t greedy – we made the fee just enough to cover our expenses – renting an RV, paying for gas, and campground fees.  You see, the biggest struggle for most brands is coming up with new and original social media content, whether it be photos, articles, or videos.  Most of them appreciate the opportunity to purchase a package of content made specifically for their brand.

RVs are just tiny houses on wheels.

We make the space work.  We have a family of four – two adults and two kids, but we also have one dog with special needs (she has 3 legs), two cats, and a turtle.  digital nomad, rv lifestyle, unschooling, lifestyle designThe largest RV we can rent is 30″.  Believe it or not, it works out just fine.  Each trip is an exercise in minimalism.  We bring only what we need: bedding & linnen, clothes, kitchen supplies (especially a coffee maker), food, toiletries, and our electronic devices.  We have quite a few electronic devices.  We each have laptops and tablets, and my partner and I both have phones.  We have special challenges when it comes to everyone plugging in or charging, but the RV we have for this trip has built in USB sockets in the electrical outlets (nice touch).  So we get away from all the accoutrements of life in a house and enjoy some uncluttered minimalism.

Home is where the heart is and stability comes from people, not things.

We do have kids and, God willing, that won’t change.  They’re 11 and 7.  That’s right, they’re still young and I’m taking them on a 2-week road trip during the school year!  You see, I want to give my children more than stability.  I want to give them the world.  They’re both ridiculously smart and I knew, from an early age, that their education would be largely in my hands.  Public schools don’t know what to do with my kids.  Private schools will just prepare them to become a job.  digital nomad, rv lifestyle, unschooling, lifestyle designNo, I wanted my kids to have the freedom to explore every interest and experience every opportunity I could make available to them so I decided to unschool them.  No curriculum, just fearless exploration of anything and everything that interests them.  And my part?  I facilitate their exploration.  They’re both building YouTube channels where they stream video game play.  Before you start poo-pooing video games, Minecraft taught a 6 year old multiplication and Space Engineers taught a 10 year old physics.  Last month, they had the opportunity to tour Europe with their father and grandparents.  This month, they’re going to see Carlsbad Caverns and the Grand Canyon.  We still aren’t rich, but we can give them experiences they’ll grow from and memories that will last a lifetime.

Living the dream

You may think all of this is completely ridiculous and horribly difficult, but it really isn’t.  My partner and I make up 63% of Tequila Aficionado Media.  digital nomad, rv lifestyle, unschooling, lifestyle design, tequila aficionadoWe appreciate agave spirits like wine enthusiasts appreciate wines.  Our sponsors for this trip are tequilas and mezcals.  Despite what the ill-informed might assume, this isn’t Parents Gone Wild.  We’re calling this the Dia de los Muertos Tour and we’ll be working hard throughout the trip to produce great content for our sponsors.  We’re simply taking products to some spectacular places, sharing them with people we meet and posting our progress on our extensive social networks.  Eventually, we hope to do the same with other products as well.

Wealth would be great, but we’re still rich.

digital nomad, rv lifestyle, unschooling, lifestyle designThe time we spend with those we love, the memories we carry for a lifetime, the learning that comes from meeting new people and seeing new places, these are the things that make us rich.  Sure, I could always use more money, but I’d rather be a digital nomad, a modern day gypsy, working on my schedule in places that bring me joy as I explore America’s beautiful places with my family, in the comfort of a home on wheels.  For the next two weeks, I’m living the dream.  

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