The biggest part of #Hackschooling is getting the kids passionate about reading.  On a lark, I played on the Pulp-O-Mizer the other day and created these book covers.

Teddy’s favorite topic is “Space”.  Anything to do with outer space inspires him.  The story for Teddy is about solving a space problem.

Sparky’s favorite topic is “Dinosaurs”.  He wants to build a real, live Jurassic World.  He insists the best way to tame a carnivore and keep it as a pet is to ensure it never gets hungry enough to eat you.

Suffice to say they were blown away by the book covers and, as their faces lit up, asked if I’d written them.  I hadn’t – yet.

But now they’re sold and want me to write some books for and about them.  What better way to get them passionate about reading than to write adventure stories on the topics they’re most interested in and make them the main characters?  So these pulp-style chapter books will be my next writing project(s).

Do you have young readers at home?  How are you inspiring them to read?  How do you make reading fun for them?

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