hqdefaultThe boys are on a tear with the Five Nights at Freddy’s games.  The first four were a bit too scary for my youngest, but my oldest loved the challenge.  Five Nights at Freddy’s World was released yesterday and Sparky wanted to play the now not horrifying franchise feature.  They were desperate to buy the game so I approved the purchase (they have to save their allowances to buy video games and all games must be parent approved prior to purchase) and they played for about an hour before dinner.

I took the opportunity to bring up how much money Scott Cawthon has made and continues to make on his Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise.  As of last year, he was bringing in over $12k PER DAY just on the FNAF apps.  Who knows how much the Steam platform brought in!  When the boys and I did the math, it added up to over $4 MILLION per year.

*Minds Blown*  

I then explained that creating games is just another version of storytelling.  In the same way I write books and earn residual income, Scott Cawthon writes games and earns residual income (albeit in epic proportions).  We then discussed that Scott started releasing games about 9 years ago.  I had the boys add 9 to their ages and asked them to consider what it would be like to be bringing in $4 million a year at that age.  

*Minds Blown*   

Then, diabolical mastermind that I am, I went in for the close –

“Don’t you want to learn how to code so you can make millions too?” I asked.

“HECK YEAH!”  Sparky shouted.

MC_Wide_Big_2_V4Then I did something truly evil.

As Sparky was finishing his dinner, I went to Code.org and started the Hour of Code tutorial with Minecraft.

When he walked by my desk after dinner, he saw me “playing” a Minecraft game.  It didn’t take long for him to nudge me out of my chair and take over.  Twenty minutes later, he’s thoroughly crushing it and loving this “game”.

G69mvloThat’s when I lobbed the grenade.

“Coding is pretty easy, isn’t it?”

“What?”  He asked.

“This is coding.  You’re killing it.”

“But it’s so easy!”

Yeah, that’s right.

*Mind Blown*

Mommy for the Win.