Announcing a New Social Media Management Package for Authors

Costly studies have been done and the results are in: Experts and their statistics say you should post to Twitter 3 times a day, Facebook twice a day, Google+ 3 times a day, and Pinterest 5 times a day.  The fact of the matter is you simply don’t have the time to write books while still posting to social networks all day long but, even if you did, how would you know what times to post since every network works on a different timetable?

Let me take care of that for you.

I’ll analyze each of your networks to determine when your audience is most active and schedule your posts for all four networks at the best times for each.  That’s 13 Posts Per Day All Month long.

On top of that, I’ll monitor and respond to (or forward as necessary) each network’s private messages as well as send you a monthly report showing posting progress and growth statistics.

If this is a service that would make your life easier, please email me at

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