“Do I choose the safe path or the inspiring one?”

I’ve wrestled with this question for years. My working class roots and everything my parents taught me said “Get a job. Earn a paycheck.  Don’t take risks.” but everything I knew about myself screamed “NO!!” and fought violently for the inspiring path.

Over the past few years, I’ve chosen the safe path and it was torture every step of the way.

Screen+Shot+2015-07-13+at+12.31.26+AMNot character-building, skill-building torture that makes you grow and flourish but the kind that makes you want to stick a spoon in your eye and swish it around your brain a little instead of going to work.  I spent last year, in particular, doing some incredibly soul-crushing work.

Something a lot of people don’t realize about soul-crushing work is it not only makes you miserable but it makes everyone who loves you miserable too.

This year, I made the decision to stop the madness.  I made this decision both for myself and my family.

Now, if the shoe doesn’t fit, I’m not going to try to force my foot into it and wear it anyway.

I find myself looking at opportunity offers (that seem to come in daily) and asking “Is this a fit with my personal goals?  Does everything about this fit into my life, my passions, and all that I find inspiring?”

If the answer is even the slightest “No”, I now have the strength to say “These are not my shoes, thank you.” and walk away.

I’d rather walk barefoot and happy than in beautiful shoes that don’t fit and kill my soul.


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