Diva Tequila Truffles

I don’t always cook with tequila but when I do, the angels sing.  No, it’s true.

Well, most of the time. 

Anyone who knows me knows I love to create in the kitchen so mixing it up with tequila just seems right.  Occasionally I’ll have a batch of something I’ll need to throw away, but it doesn’t happen very often.  Here are a few examples of some of the cooking I’ve done right in my Tequila Aficionado Test Kitchen.

Chunky Gazpacho using Spruce Creek Bloody Mary Mix

I love gazpacho but most recipes call for pureed vegetables.  I don’t care so much for a vegetable mush – I prefer fresh chunky vegetables.  When I had the opportunity to taste this award winning Bloody Mary mix from Spruce Creek, I knew it would be perfect as a gazpacho base!

De La Tierre Maple Tequila Pound Cake

De La Tierre is comfort food in a bottle for a Franco-American like me!  I love baking with it.

Diva Tequila Truffles

The ultimate chocolate truffles – try the maple cinnamon ones I made with De La Tierre too!

Avion Espresso Cake

This cake was rich with chocolate and coffee flavors and absolutely spectacular with the Avion Espresso soaked in.

Peligroso Cinnamon Apple Crisp

Peligroso Cinnamon is so well done that it goes well in nearly every holiday pie!

Cranberry & Orange Diva Tequila Scones

Cranberry & Orange Diva Tequila Scones

These were so surprisingly light and fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

De La Tierre Tequila Maple Nut Coffee Cake

This was a lighter, crumb cake version of the pound cake and went great with my morning coffee!

Hornito’s Lime Shot Margarita Chicken

Hornito’s Lime Shot is a horrible drink, but I recommend everyone have a bottle in their kitchen as a last minute marinade.  This made some epic chicken!

Avion Espresso Mochamisu

Avion Espresso, ladyfingers, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream – what’s not to love?

Maple Liqueur Tequila Pumpkin Pie

I never make pumpkin pie any other way now.

De La Tierre Tequila Maple Cinnamon Truffles

Diva Tequila Cupcakes

These were so tasty!  The strawberry margarita flavor was great and topping each with a chocolate pearl made for a lovely presentation.

Peligroso Cinnamon Cranapple Crisp

Cranberries & apples love this spirit!

1921 La Crema Tres Leches Cake

Oh, yes.  La Crema has all good flavors in it and the cinnamon, white chocolate and caramel flavors dress up any plain cake to make a special occasion dessert.

De La Tierre Tequila Maple Cinnamon Truffles

Light flavors of maple, cinnamon and white chocolate made for a decadent gift at Christmas.