By purchasing a Fitbit, I seem to have stumbled upon something magical.

By wearing this device on my wrist, I am constantly reminded to check in with myself – To drink enough water, to eat lunch, to take my vitamins, to move around, to exercise for 30 minutes a day, to get enough sleep.

By doing all of those things, I seem to have created time.

Yes, it is the ultimate paradox.

By adding more tasks that focus on me, I have created more time, energy, and focus to work on the many projects I’ve been dying to work on for over a year now.

Who knew?

It wasn’t just the Fitbit though.  It was probably the combination of the Fitbit and saying “no”.

You know, like if Wonder Woman’s magic cuffs were voice activated, they’d probably be with the word “no”.

I’m seriously considering getting a Wonder Woman Fitbit cuff.

I’ve started saying no to more things and it is powerful.

I say no to inconvenient phone calls.

This is why we have voicemail.

I say no to taking on projects just for the sake of pleasing someone who doesn’t really care if I’m already overextended.

That’s great you have a new book out but since you’ve never promoted any of mine, I think I’ll pass on promoting your eighth cover reveal party.

I say no to things I simply don’t want to do.

You enjoy that BDSM workshop on spanking.  I’m going to sit by the pool, drink a big cup of coffee, and write a blog.

For two weeks now, I’ve had super powers and I like them.

Watch this…


No! I am Wonder Woman