cookie, no sugar, sugar free, chocolate chipI love chocolate and I love cookies, but sugar and I have a very bad romance.  My body doesn’t tolerate sugar.  In minute quantities, it’s fine, but a cookie made with sugar will make me want to die.

No joke.  It’s like food poisoning. 

But I still love chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and nothing beats a chocolate chip cookie.  So I’ve been using sugar substitutes like Splenda for baking.  Lately, there has been more and more information going around about the risks of using Splenda so I’ve been using a Stevia based sweetener.

And that brings us to Valentine’s Day…

steviaI made my guys giant, heart shaped cookies for Valentine’s Day with this new Stevia based sweetener and they loved them.  I loved them too.  They were fantastic!

So, if you love chocolate chip cookies but are trying to give sugar the slip and don’t want the bloat and complications of Splenda, you may want to consider a Stevia based sweetener that costs about as much as Splenda but, in my case, didn’t have any noticeable negative effects.

It also measured cup for cup the same as sugar would, so that Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe on the bag of dark chocolate morsels still worked like a charm without all the ugly sugar substitute math.

There must be cookies.  I will not live without cookies.

Do you use sugar substitutes?  Leave a comment and share your favorite.