I made the mistake of stepping on the scale this morning. I’ve gained 2 pounds since I’ve started all this activity.  In fact, yesterday, I ran all over Wuhu Island TWICE!  Once for a 20-minute run and again for 30 minutes of bike racing.

If I were to listen to my scale, I’d believe:

More exercise = More weight.  Then depression would set in.

But I’m not depressed.  I’ve lost bodyfat and I’ve been really productive these past few days I’ve been exercising more so I’m going to stay the course.

My goal isn’t so much weight loss as it is a change in my body composition.  Honestly, if I stayed the same weight that I am now and dropped down to 10% bodyfat, I’d be smokin’ hot and winning big trophies in bodybuilding competitions.  So, the goal here is long term…long term health and daily activity to change my body composition, weight be damned.

Here’s a good article on the battle of weight loss vs. body composition. 

I’m still looking for my big data device though.  I’ve shared my query on Jawbone vs. Fitbit on Facebook.  If you’ve used either, I hope you’ll weigh in on the topic.  I’d love to get some more feedback.


Jawbone or Fitbit – Which do you use and why?

Posted by Lisa Pietsch on Tuesday, January 26, 2016