multi-dimensional, energy work, creative energy in you, simone gersI’m a huge fan of Simone Gers’.  I’ve had the pleasure of her helping me through some really insightful energy work over the past few years and every time she does, my personal progress in business and other endeavors surges.

After doing this particular session with her, my year took off like a rocket!

I can’t even begin to list all the amazing blessings that have come into my life over the past three months.  Money that I really needed, opportunities, creative projects flowed in and things that were holding me back were gently sloughed off.  2016 is off to an epic start and Simone helped to facilitate that.

Multi-dimensional Creativity: Leveraging Creativity with Simone Gers & Gayle Nicholson

Creative Energy in You Radio Show

Do you juggle multiple endeavours and do you want to infuse each with creative energy? Are you ready to use creative energy multi-dimensionally?

Join Simone Gers, Energy Coach, and Gayle Nicholson, Personal Power Coach, with their Special Guest, Lisa Pietsch, as they discuss leveraging creative energy.

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Creative Energy in You

New-Creative-Energy-in-You-1400-x-1400-150x150 (1)Simone Gers, Bethany Schrader, Gayle Nicholson and Cheri L. R. Taylor Join your hosts each week as they explore creative energy in action! The Women of Wonder will explore the energetic world, the worlds of art and writing, empowerment, creativity and so much more! You don’t want to miss these powerful women discussing powerful creations! – See more here.