I have a new book out and it is free this week!

Sparky & DizzyWhile my little guy is waiting for the next Kingdom of Wrenly Adventure, we’ve been having a hard time finding another book he could really sink his teeth into.  He doesn’t like scary stories but he loves dinosaurs.

If you ask me, it doesn’t get much more scary than a live dinosaur!

So Day of the Dinosaurs, a sort of Toy Story meets Jurassic Park, was my answer to the conundrum.  Both the boys read it and it received a few laughs, so I’m offering it free, starting tomorrow.  Please share it with the little people in your life and, if they offer an opinion, please share them on Amazon.

Day of the Dinosaurs

What happens when you go to sleep with a bunch of stuffed dinosaurs and wake up to live ones? Sparky and Teddy quickly find out that hiding four dinosaurs from Mom, and the neighbors, isn’t as easy as you might think.
And what do you feed a hungry dinosaur anyway?

Note to Parents: there are no scary dinosaurs in this story.

*For those wonderful readers who feel Kindle Unlimited borrowing cheats authors out of a payday, let me set the record straight.  If you buy one of my books, I earn about 35 cents.  If you borrow a book and read the whole thing, I make about $1.  Please borrow my books and encourage your friends to do so as well!