I’ve Found The Limitless Pill

It’s an OTC, reasonably priced, and I’ve been on it for about a month and crushing it!

Limitless, The Movie

It all began with the movie Limitless.

Eddie Morra (played by Bradley Cooper), a dumpy writer struggling to make rent finishes his book in four days and completely transforms himself and his life.

The story is based on the book, The Dark Fields, by Alan Glynn, which is now being sold as Limitless.  It is described as a “haunting meditation on the allure and the curse of human potential”.  The movie is true to that in that it shows both the allure and the curse.  It’s very much a Picture of Dorian Grey for a new age.

Who, in Eddie’s position (my own position), wouldn’t want what the Limitless Pill promises?

We all want to believe we can find a way to pull out our very best, shine it up, and glow like a star.

Of course that could happen naturally if we could access more than 20% of our brains!  If we could do that, we could get out of our own way, couldn’t we?  That’s what Eddie does and it makes for a great movie.


I loved the idea of finding a pill (they’re called nootropics) that could do just that.  Some people had great success with ADD Medications like Adderall, others with narcolepsy medications like Modafinil.

I’ve tried Adderall.  It’s ok, but expensive.

Modafinil, despite the hype, didn’t do a thing for me.  I fell asleep.

So I started trying herbal combinations.  I tried several and nothing really worked.

Limitless, Now on TV

Then the television show, Limitless, began.  It wasn’t enough that I owned the movie and had seen it nine or ten times already.  Now I had a weekly reminder that there might be…there could be…a Limitless pill out there that could give me the edge.

I kept experimenting.

Then my darling companion found an ad for Geniux.

Boom! Goes the dynamite.  We have a winner!

geniux_singlebottle_vertBoth Mike and I have been using this product once a day for a little over a month and it’s been an epic month for getting things done.  Geniux doesn’t pump you up like an amphetamine.  There’s no AHA! moment or anything as dramatic as in the movie or on TV.  But if you take it and start working, you’ll be shocked at what you’ve accomplished in a few hours.  When I say I’ve been crushing it, I’m not kidding.  Despite the family interruptions with homeschooling kids, I can crush into three hours what used to take twelve.

There’s no rush or crash with this product, but if I take one and start working or writing, I’m amazed at what I accomplish.  If you’re looking for a good product to help you do more of what you do without a prescription or mad mood swings, you may want to try Geniux.