As I mentioned previously, I don’t actually work for Buffer.  I want to work for Buffer.  I’m acting as if and doing the work now so they can see I’m truly passionate about working for them.  (It’s all very Law Of Attraction, but even if they don’t decide to give me a try on the Buffer team, I’m getting some great reflection time in as I examine myself through these blogs.  

Today’s blog is about Buffer Core Value #3, Have a Focus on Self-Improvement.

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Some People Like Status Quo

Not me!  I’ve been working to improve myself for as long as I can remember.  There were many times I didn’t have the knowledge to improve aspects of myself and my life that I wanted to but, at those times, I was resourceful enough to seek out the knowledge and/or teachers I needed.  I’ve learned that sometimes it takes a few teachers and a whole lot of reading and research to improve some aspects of one’s life, but self-improvement is growth and growth tkes seasons.  I won’t stop growing until the game of this life is over.

I am conscious of my current levels of productivity and happiness.  I set very high expectations for myself and occasionally fall short but I’ve come a long way in eliminating negative self-talk and getting down on myself because I haven’t been to Mars (or whatever my expectation may have been).  I see forward progress as a win.

As for regularly and deliberately doing things that make me uncomfortable, how about this blog series?!  Let me tell you right now, this amount of transparency is extremely uncomfortable – but I’m doing it.

Baby steps. 

You know what else would be uncomfortable?

Actually getting to work on the Buffer team.

It would be uncomfortable because it would be a game changer.  A new court, new rules, new teammates.

But I’m confident enough in my current abilities and my drive to know that I would bring my A-Game and give it all I’ve got.

Mind & Body Fitness

The last part is the easy bit – practicing activities and developing habits that will improve my mind and body.  Going back to Napoleon Hill’s Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, study, thinking & planning time is a must for me.  I take time to read every day – and I don’t just mean Facebook.  I take time to read material (books & articles) that will help me grow and improve my skills every day.  I’m a huge fan of public libraries, especially the San Antonio Public Library, and stop by at least once a week to pick up and drop off materials.  I also use the Overdrive service to check out e-books and audio books.  If there’s information I need that I can’t find there, I go to Amazon and get it.  This is very important to me and I’ve taught my kids to use and support public libraries as well.

One of the perks of joining the Buffer team is Kindles for the whole family and books from Amazon.  We’ve got Kindles for the whole family, but who doesn’t like more books?

Another perk is receiving a Jawbone Up which tracks sleep and exercise (two important parts of self-improvement).  Well, I didn’t wit to get the job.  I examined the tools & benefits of Jawbone vs. FitBit and got myself a FitBit Flex several weeks ago.  (I would not be averse to teaming up on the Jawbone Up if hired though!)  Since I started monitoring my lifestyle with the FitBit, I’ve been able to really tune in to my health.  I’ve dialed in the sleep I need, how much water I need to drink, how much I move during the course of the day – and moving more, as well as keeping a detailed food diary that is helping me dial in my nutrition and ensure I’m taking in the foods that help me attain my goals.

Note: When I first applied to Buffer, I felt this physical self-improvement was where I was lagging most so, in examining the perks of the job and discovering Jawbone Up, I started researching other wearables and their apps.  This was a real awakening for me because being able to track all these things with FitBit has been empowering for me.

In my next blog, I’ll address being a no-ego doer.  Yeah…that won’t be uncomfortable at all.