Babystepping Through the Application

I love the movie “What About Bob”.  It’s one of my favorites because it is cute, sweet, funny and a little bit crazy.  That’s why when I decided after months of consideration that I really wanted to apply to and work for Buffer, I’d show them, like Bob did, that I wasn’t a slacker and I was already doing the work.

Only in a slightly less needy way than Bob described it in this scene: 

I decided to explore each of Buffer’s core values in a blog that described what each meant to me.  It was a great exercise in reflection as I began discovering, through doing the work, that I had been doing a lot of these for years but never quite put labels on them as succinctly as one might list core values.  A great deal of time and thought went into this analysis for me, as I’m sure a great deal went into creating their list of Buffer’s 10 Core Values.

Survey Says

I received some great feedback from the crew at Buffer about my series:




But they eventually declined:


Moving On

So, rather than stalking the folks at Buffer like Bob did, I’m just going to wrap up my blog series with a stoic wave and this final note before I go off on my merry way.  If you didn’t catch the whole series, I’ve made a totally non-creepy, non-needy, patchwork of their Core Values graphic that links to each of my blogs. It really was an enlightening series for me to write.

val1 val2 val3 val4 val5 val6 val7 val8 val9 val10