If you’ve been following my series on working at Buffer, I haven’t given up.  Even if I did work for Buffer, I’d be allowed a day or two off every week.  Consider this my first.  I’ll be back with my exploration of Buffer’s core values and how I’m doing with each tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s core value is all about having a bias toward Clarity


(This is NOT a paid endorsement but genuine gushing about great products for which I paid full price. I don’t even get affiliate earnings on this – it’s true love.)

I Suffer from Perfect Skin

I never have acne, except for that one blemish with PMS, but facials leave my skin burning for days.

I used a shampoo once that burned my scalp so badly that it peeled for days.

2016-03-23 14.12.02These were normal beauty products that thousands of people use every day, but they hurt me.

I love The Body Shop because their products have never hurt me.  Perhaps it is because they don’t test on animals that they make their products extra gentle?  After all, if you’re going to test your products on humans, those humans want to know that only the finest ingredients went into those products.  Whatever the reason, I know I can trust The Body Shop on my ultra-sensitive skin and hair.  The natural, organic, fair trade ingredients in Body Shop products bring out my own natural beauty without damaging in the process.

In fact, these products are so gentle that even my pets love them.

Satsuma Bath & Shower Gel

I’ve used the Satsuma bath gel to wash my dog, who loved licking the bubbles as I scrubbed.  I’d never seen anything like it!  The first time I bathed him, I did it with dog shampoo and he fought me every step of the way.  At the end of it all, I had more on me than he did on him.  The next time I bathed him, I didn’t have the dog shampoo handy, so I grabbed the Satsuma shower gel I used on myself.  To my utter amazement, he sat there in that tub of water, let me scrub him clean and only moved occasionally to lick a few bubbles.

Apparently he enjoyed the flavor.

Banana Shampoo

2016-03-23 14.07.16I’ve also found the Banana Shampoo is the perfect gentle cleanser for my cats’ feline acne.  We all know how cats feel about soap and water and mine is no different.  I tried using hand soap to scrub his chin clean of the terrible blackheads that form there.  Fact is, it’s a sensitive patch of skin and only the most gentle cleanser will do without causing massive trauma to you and your fur baby.  As luck would have it, my guy had a breakout and needed a good cleaning so I reached for the most mild product I had on hand – Banana Shampoo from The Body Shop.  It’s the shampoo that soothed my burned scalp so surely it would be gentle on my cat.  And it was.  And just like my dog, he let me wash his face and only moved to lick a bit of the bubbles.

Who knew?

Not only does it not irritate my cat, the Banana shampoo keeps his chin clear longer than any other soap I’ve used.

Maca Root Razor Relief After Shave

Have you ever had your skin irritated by a man’s after shave?  I have.  Though my darling companion doesn’t have super sensitive skin, I do.  When I discovered it was his after shave irritating my skin, I had two choices: stop kissing him or get him to use something that would be kind to my skin.  We chose the Maca Root Razor Relief and have been kissing painlessly ever since.

Aging Skin Care

new-moon-edwardAs you can guess, I’ve done a lot of trial and error in my own skin care regimen.  I can’t use a moisturizer because they block my pores so I have to use a serum but not one with an oil base.  Everybody seems to think aging skin needs oil but it just makes me break out.  There was a lot of Goldilocking – this one is too oily, this one is too expensive, this one irritates, 8000 monkeys died to test this one…Finally, I went to The Body Shop.  The Vitamin E Serum was good, but a little too heavy.  The Vitamin C serum was nice, but the sparkle made my white skin look a bit like Edward in the sun.  The Drops of Youth Youth Essence Lotion turned out to be just right with its gel to water formula.

Is it any wonder I get excited when my Body Shop orders show up?

No matter how you mix it, The Body Shop is the perfect answer for any body you love.