A Love of Swimming

safesplashI knew my son loved swimming so it was a no-brainer when SafeSplash Swim School asked me to have him take a month of lessons in April in exchange for a blog review.

Teddy is 5’5″ already at the age of eleven. His pediatrician told me to expect him to grow to 6’8″ before he stops.

No, he doesn’t play basketball.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been trying to find an activity he enjoys.  You see, we’re homeschoolers and my son has dreams of being the next Elon Musk.  Sports hold little sway over him.

Being homeschoolers and all too conscious of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, we’ve been exploring sports and athletic activities in an attempt to find something he enjoys. He’s tried team sports through the YMCA but soon became bored once he mastered the skills.



2016-04-17 09.50.25He’d learned every new skill quickly and easily but disliked waiting on the other kids in class. After three swim classes with chatty girls who just wanted to play, my son was over it. He’s smart, competitive and impatient – a difficult combination. This is the boy who, as a four-year-old, would run obstacle courses in the house for time.
I had hoped swimming might be a good outlet for him, but he needs a starting block and a timer to get jazzed about it.

Yay! Teddy got an extra 15 minutes of class today. #swim #kids @safesplashswimschool

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2016-04-17 09.50.17I was so happy when Thelma called me after his 3rd class and asked if he’d mind going to another of her classes since Teddy was way ahead of his current class. She could see that he had the raw materials but needed more of a challenge. I was thrilled and Teddy was intrigued. Rather than quit, he’s going to continue lessons in the new class this month.  He wants a challenge.

The Why

I was never an athletic child, but I know the health and wellness benefits of finding an activity you love early in life and sticking with it. We’ve been trying every activity with Teddy and nothing has stuck. Thelma at SafeSplash understands a competitive spirit and isn’t afraid to push when a kid needs it – and mine does.

I can’t wait to see how his next class goes!