Becoming RVers

cruiseIn 2015, we became RVers.  We rented an RV from Cruise America for a 1-week trip to New Mexico and back.  We had to take the trip and renting an RV just happened to be the least expensive way for us to do it.  As it happened, we fell in love with RVing on that trip and decided we wanted to do a lot more of it.

Later last year, we took a 2-week trip.  That’s when we realized that we wanted to do too much once we had wheels under us and the only way to truly enjoy our RVing was to take longer, slower trips.

This year, we’re planning on a 1-month trip but open to something much longer if we can make it happen.

“I’m so glad we took that first trip”

Taking the kids and the pets with us meant packing a whole lot of extra supplies.  The pets needed food, dishes, their safe places, collars, tags and leashes.  The kids needed their tablets, computers, clothes (try getting a 7-year-old to pack enough underwear for a week).  We too needed all of those things.  Then there were the other considerations like power strips.  If we were all going to be working on computers at the same time (we work online and the kids are game streamers), we’d need power strips and other necessities.  (We weren’t on vacation – we were all still going to be working but we’d be digital nomads for a week.)  Suffice to say that despite my preparations for weeks prior, it still took us almost all day on Day #1 just to get the RV loaded up.

We learned a lot on that first trip, but most importantly, we learned that we loved RVing.

“I will never forget that view”

This was on our second trip.  Somewhere in northern Arizona.  We still had a long drive to go (I’d not yet learned my own mileage limits as a driver) but the sunset was too perfect and the view too pristine to pass it by.  We stopped and enjoyed the scenery while the boys walked Della, the dog.  I took a series of photos as they walked back toward us at the RV and I will always love how it captured the moment.  We were happy, free and enjoying time together, exploring our world.

“Did you see the window cover on that rig?”

This was taken at Tucson’s Lazydays KOA.  It was a gorgeous campground with crushed rock parking, concrete patios, patio furniture, and fruit trees.  We were completely enamored and fully intended to stay a couple days to decompress after our big trip.  Then we discovered they had no wifi.  Yes, I know they have solar panels now and that’s all very cool, but a campground is of absolutely no use to digital nomads if they can’t get a wifi signal.

We vowed never to stay at that campground again.  We did see this cool rig on the way out though.

“Did you tie down the margaritas?”

When you’re RVing, sometimes things bang around a bit in the refrigerator.  You have to “pack” it, unlike your refrigerator at home which never moves.  To keep our JLP ready-to-drink Margaritas safe from banging around while we drove, I used a bungee cord to keep them safely tucked in and ready for cocktail hour when we stopped.

“I found this huge pine cone!”

We were at Grand Canyon National Park and I stepped outside on our first morning there to see what sort of a day it was going to be.  The boys had already gone out to walk the dog and explore a bit.  I was greeted with my youngest, smiling widely, and announcing the huge pine cone he’d found.  It was a magical day.

“Can we have the closest lot to your wifi tower?”

van hornAbout 50 miles from the Mexican border in West Texas is the most wonderful oasis we’d ever seen.  It is by far our favorite RV park and for many good reasons.  Van Horn RV Park is camping perfection.  The hosts are friendly and happy to chat.  The view from the lots is a beautiful vista of the best of west Texas.  The facilities are convenient.  The pool is a great place to spend a day (and we did), and the wifi rocks!  The best thing about Van Horn RV Park, other than the rockin’ wifi, is the pond.  Take a walk around the pond.  Weeping willows, green grass, a small rock fountain, an island in the middle for barbequeing and a bench to just sit and enjoy the sunset.


You know that song by Tanya Tucker?  It could have been written in Van Horn, Texas.

“Let’s get this show off the road!”

I have to credit Sparky, my youngest, for this one.  He’s a big fan of off-roading in our Jeep.  He’s also a big fan of our RV adventures.  Ultimately, we want to get on the road so we can explore as much as we can off the beaten path.

Makes sense, right?  It does to RVers.