As I mentioned previously, I don’t actually work for Buffer.  I want to work for Buffer.  I’m acting as if and doing the work now so they can see I’m truly passionate about working for them.  (It’s all very Law Of Attraction, but even if they don’t decide to give me a try on the Buffer team, I’m getting some great reflection time in as I examine myself through these blogs.)  

Today’s blog is about Buffer Core Value #4, Be a No Ego Doer.

4new-no-ego-doer, ego

Attaching Your Personal Self to Ideas

ego, be a no ego doerI once started a magazine with someone who believed there were no alternatives to Plan A.  We were both new to magazine publishing so we didn’t have a vast knowledge base to begin with.  When we had to alter the plan on the fly, I was completely comfortable in doing so, but he had great difficulty with it.  It stalled our progress for several days because he was so angry about Plan A not being THE plan.  I never thought I’d say this, but I’m very lucky my life has never gone exactly as planned because it hasn’t stroked my ego, taught me to not attach myself to ideas, and to take action and adjust course when necessary.

Everything about that particular startup experience was uncertain.  The uncertainty never bothered me.  I thrived in the opportunity to learn about a new industry and new skills.  Funny thing about that magazine – it started to really take off about six months in but my partner didn’t see immediate financial return so he, owning the name, decided to table it.  That, in itself, was serendipitous because the knowledge I gained built my own confidence in the industry, made it possible for me to help a friend build her blog into a huge community, and then led me to Tequila Aficionado, an online magazine that my new partners and I have grown into a massive magazine of information and education about the agave spirits industry.

Done Well Today is Better Than Perfect Next Week

When you work in industries that are always growing, changing, and evolving, like entertainment media or social media, you realize that nothing will ever be perfect “as is”.  There is no arrival point, only progress.  Whether it’s a website, a body of social media, or a blog, the goal is to get it out there.  Until you put a product out there, it’s just talk.  Build it as best you can today and, when tides change or technology changes, improve it tomorrow.

Practicing Humility

humility: the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people

I’ve spent much of my life struggling with low self-esteem but, at this age, I believe I finally have a grip on it.  I haven’t such a grip that I’ve become an egomaniac unchained, but I do have enough confidence in my abilities to not melt into the woodwork yet enough to know I have something to learn from everyone I meet.

And this is my response to Buffer Core Value #4, Be a No Ego Doer.  In my next blog, I’ll address Core Value #5, Listen First, then Listen More.