By now, you probably know that I don’t work for Buffer.  The point of this series of blogs is that I want to so I’m “doing the work” by examining the 10 Buffer Core Values and considering my relationship with each.  My hope is the folks at Buffer will get to know me a little better over the course of these blogs and say “Hey, why not give the kid a try?”  This approach is all very Law Of Attraction, but that’s how I roll.  Besides, even if they don’t decide to give me a try on the Buffer team, I’m getting some great reflection time in as I examine myself through these blogs.

That brings us to today’s blog about Buffer Core Value #7, Make Time to Reflect.



Buffer-Values-e1417635934521-1024x897I’m a big fan of reflection and course corrections (as I like to call them).  To keep growing and improving, it is important to examine what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly.  I like to fail fast and move on to a win as soon as possible.  Now don’t mistake this for me assuming I’ll always fail, I don’t.  By “Fail Fast”, I mean I like to analyze as I go and when it seems something isn’t working, I don’t dwell on the failure or disappointment.  I let it go, change my approach (correct my course) and move on.  Life is too short to mourn failures.

I like to learn from them, pack my lessons in my ever-growing toolbox, and move on.

When I applied to Buffer (almost 2 weeks ago), they asked the big question:

Which of the Buffer values do you feel like you can improve on the most and why?
My answer took me out of my comfort zone.
I spend plenty of time dreaming and making those dreams come true, but I am now working on making time to reflect every day.
I am working on it.
No, really, I am.
I just haven’t perfected it yet.
One thing that comes with living a life that colors outside the lines is the need to decide what color and where to use it.  That requires reflection.  I do it often, but I haven’t been able to instill a daily habit by doing it every day for at least 21 days.  (That’s how long it takes to program a human habit.)
I usually make time every 2-3 days so I’m zeroing it.
But I’m still working on it!
Do you make time to reflect every day?