I’m wrapping it all up today with Buffer Core Value #10: Do the right thing.

I really hope that the folks at Buffer believe the right thing to do in this case is to give me a shot to prove myself to them.  I love the Buffer platform, how they run their organization, and would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to prove I could add value to it all.



right thingYou choose what’s best for customers and the company in the long-term.

I’m a Taurus.  There’s nothing short-term about anything I do.  I am always considering the long-term effects of everything I do.  If it is a long-term win but I have to really grind in the short-term, then it is worth the grind.

You correct the mistake even when no one would notice.

No one would notice, but I would KNOW.

And that would keep me awake at night, interfering with my sleep.

And nothing interferes with my sleep, so mistakes get corrected.

You strive to provide the best solution, even if that means foregoing profit.

A client of mine needed a newsletter created, so we weighed the options and chose a service.  After the first newsletter, we discovered that service couldn’t provide all that she wanted.  I spent 40% of my income from that client to purchase another service and worked double the number of hours I had previously allocated to ensure that she had exactly what she needed.  I never told her about the time, money and energy it cost me.  I promised her the best solution and I made good on that promise.

You get excited about opportunities to help others.

Sometimes I get too excited.  I love problem solving, puzzles and strategy.

I once had a friend come to me with three websites, two Twitter accounts, four Facebook pages, a couple of Google+ profiles, a newsletter, and 2 syndicated columns.  As a busy mother of four, she wanted to be able to manage her blogging, writing and social media in about 30-60 minutes per day.

I loved the challenge!  In less than a week, I managed to rebuild, restructure and streamline her whole operation so she could do exactly what she wanted – manage it all in 30-60 minutes a day.  What I loved most was the look of wonder on her face when she saw how easy it would be for her.  There was something very satisfying in being able to help her through a problem that had been causing her so much angst.

I’ve had many other opportunities since and each one was exciting and satisfying in its own way.  I’m so grateful for each of those opportunities because each of the upped my game and that’s winning.

I’ve worked my way through each of the Buffer core values and, hopefully, proven that while I’m not perfect, my own core values are in line with them.

So what do you say, Buffer?  I don’t even need a title.  Give me a try?