This past Christmas, I made my own personal Ezekiel-Style spin on stollen and the family loved it.  It has since become our go-to breakfast bread or, as we adults like to call it, coffee cake.  If you’re familiar with Ezekiel bread, you know it has a considerable weight, lots of fiber and a very hearty flavor.  When you add dried fruits and nuts to the standard sprouts and sprouted grains, you get a substantial breakfast bread sure to satisfy any sweet tooth without added sugar, glaze or frosting.  This is my favorite coffee cake!

My-Favorite-Coffeecake-Recipe-1-615x410But maybe you don’t want all the weight and fiber of Ezekiel bread.  Maybe you like a lighter, more refined bread and you’ve got the constitution to handle things like gluten and sugar.  For those of you who prefer to live a more refined life, this recipe from the King Arthur Flour Blog is similar to mine, but much more on the light and fluffy end.  Their recipe calls for walnuts, dates and golden raisins and they finish this lovely loaf with a sugary glaze just before baking.

No matter which you prefer – low glycemic or high – one of these recipes is sure to satisfy you!

If you’d like more information on the final Ezekiel Bread recipe my experiments led to and the many different ways I use it – from coffee cake to pizza crust – you can find all of my Ezekiel style recipes in my book, Beans to Bread at  Check out the free preview below!