If you read my blogs, you may recall a while back when I explained that my sons wanted stories written for them.  Day of the Dinosaurs was the feel-good, anti-Jurassic Park story I wrote for Sparky.  Now my oldest, Teddy, is a much more sophisticated reader.  He wants science fiction that thrills.

Lucky for him, I’m a Trekkie! 

So, in the tradition of Gene Roddenberry and under the tutelage of James Patterson, I’m boldly going into tween sci-fi thriller writing.  (If you’re a fan of Task Force 125, I’ll still have more of those coming soon too.)  

Here’s the synopsis for Jupiter Station:

A young 15-year-old genius, who goes by Teddy Tech, has a long history of working with Space X.  He’d been consulting with the company since he was eleven.  In fact, he had a huge part in designing the asteroid defense system on Jupiter Station, the counter balance and science base built at the end of the Space Elevator.  But something has gone horribly wrong and the asteroid defense system has gone down just as a huge meteor storm is approaching.  Can Teddy reach Jupiter Station, solve the mystery, and fix the system in time? If he can’t, people will die – in space and on earth.