This post has been sponsored by Lone Star Carpet Care and Restoration but the words and sentiment are mine.

As it happens, I’ve been thinking a lot about spring cleaning lately (what with it practically being summer here in Texas already).  I know, I’m a little behind the curve, but I’ve never been big on cleaning.  (I blame my mother.)  It’s amazing what home ownership can do for your motivation though.

Mom used to tell Dad it was time to move when she had to clean the ceilings.  Still does.

carpet-cleaning-san-antonio-texas-lone-star-carpet-care-before-after-jobSeveral of the things that are really making my OCD itch happen to be things in which Lone Star Carpet Care and Restoration specializes like carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, and pressure washing.

Everybody needs carpet cleaning, especially me, what with the two kids, four cats and a dog.  You may recall we adopted two more feral cats back in December.  They’ve since been spayed, given their shots and a clean bill of health from the vet.  But now they’re shedding their thick winter coats right along with the dog and our first two cats, and they all love how rolling and rubbing on the living room carpet helps shed that extra fluff.  This means daily vacuuming for me so I’ve also discovered that the cats have taken their plucky toll on a few bits of carpet as well as the fact the carpet doesn’t seem to have as much loft these days.  carpet repair san antonio lone star carpet careDespite my great vacuum, it’s a little less fluffy under my feet.  I have dreams of replacing the carpet one day, but despite my small home of 1200 square feet, that much carpet will cost a lot more than a few years of professional cleaning.

If you had told me five years ago I’d be concerned about duct cleaning and pressure washing, I would have laughed in your face.  This week, I cleaned the ceiling fans and realized that if there was that much dust on the fans, the air ducts pumping air toward those fans must be full of YUKK.  air ductThere’s a certain “Eeew!” factor involved when you look at before and after pictures of air ducts.  (I’ve always wondered about the air ducts in movies – they all seem so clean when people are crawling through them.  It seems to me you could make a thriller really horrifying if you used real air ducts that haven’t been cleaned in years.)

So I started thinking long and hard about budgeting some duct cleaning and, as it happens, that’s when the Lone Star folks got in touch with me.  front walkI find it particularly fortuitous that they do more than just carpet cleaning in San Antonio.  They clean and restore carpets, clean ductwork, and do pressure washing too.

Now, pressure washing, who bothers with that?  Anybody who lives in Texas and has a front walk made of concrete.  I see it every day, and every day I want to scrub it with bleach, but I’m really fond of the geckos that hang around and, well, who wants to scrub twenty feet of walkway on their hands and knees?  I have friends who do this sort of thing at their own homes, but a girl’s got to draw the line somewhere and that’s mine.

Considering my own OCD and certain “Eeew” factors, I may need to give Lone Star Carpet Care and Restoration a call.