During his third lesson, I cried

safesplashLet me start at the beginning. Last summer, I signed my two sons up for swim lessons at our YMCA. My oldest was ten and took to swimming like a fish. My youngest was seven, nervous, and just didn’t manage to find his swimming groove.

“We’ll try again next year”, we said.

When the folks at SafeSplash Swim School asked me to have my son take lessons for a month in exchange for blogging about it, I agreed.

It couldn’t hurt.

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Scaredy Cat

2016-04-15 16.09.51My son went into his 3rd lesson still a little unsure of himself, but Thelma changed all of that. She didn’t use floating toys, she just had Sparky help her push a PVC platform to the far end of the pool. By the time they got there, he was swimming through the frame like a fish. He wasn’t afraid or unsure. He was just having fun. He was playing in the water with the skills he’d learned thus far. He was swimming!

My eight-year-old was swimming around underwater and wasn’t the least bit concerned with plugging his nose any more. He spun over and smiled as he glided along on his back for a while and, just as effortlessly, he spun again and swam underwater to the wall of the pool.

He even stuck around after class to practice!

This was the same child who had once cried when he got water in his nose. This was the boy who left a previous swim class in tears because he’d forgotten his nose-covering scuba-style swim goggles and just couldn’t go on.

This child, my child, was wearing only eye-covering goggles and playing in the pool like a fish after only three lessons.

On this day, as my son smiled and swam, I choked back a happy tear. He’d finally done it!

Swimming is a life skill and a life-saving skill

To be able to be calm in deep water, to know how to float and swim for shore can save your life.
To be able to enjoy the water safely, to jump, splash and play can bring great joy to a child.
Protect your child and infuse their life with joy by giving them the gift of being able to swim. You won’t regret it.

I’m so glad too see my kids enjoying the activity, learning new skills, and gaining confidence.

We’re definitely looking forward to continuing our lessons at SafeSplash Swim School!