30-Day Challenge: Donate or Toss 1 Item Every DayDonate or Toss My Way to Minimalism

I’m challenging myself to donate or toss out one item every day throughout the month of June.  I have a small 1200 square foot home that already has four people, four cats (long story), one dog, and one turtle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my little house because it is small enough to ig enough for all of us to have our own spaced when we need it.  Despite working from home and homeschooling, we still stay pretty busy, so the clutter can get overwhelming.  For example, our garage has never been used for our Jeep.

I’d like to change that.  Soon.

Using Space Wisely

There’s more of a motive here than parking space.  My Jeep is perfectly comfortable in the driveway.  To be honest, my garage is 266 square feet of indoor space.  It isn’t well insulated or air conditioned so it’s useless, aside from storage, in the summer months.  It could make for a nice quiet retreat during the rest of the year though.  Another motivator is the fact I’d like to start minimizing our collections of things we have no use for so that when we do have the opportunity to hit the road full-time in an RV, we’re accustomed to minimalist living.

So here we go!


During the month of June, I’m challenging myself to donate or throw out one item a day.  I’ll be posting the item I donate or toss each day to my Instagram account.

You can follow me on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/lisapietsch/.  Be sure to leave your Instagram link in the comments below if you’d like to join me in the challenge.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you.  I have some crazy stuff in my garage and the closets, oh my, the closets are chock-a-block full of weirdness, so if you’re looking for a good laugh or just a headscratcher that makes you go “Hmm…”, chances are, I’ll have it on my instagram feed in June.

This should be interesting!

30 Day challenges can be lots of fun.  You’ve probably heard about all the 30-day fitness challenges, but what about some of the others?  Journaling, acts of kindness, gratitude…all of these can be incorporated into a 30-day challenge so why not pick one and give it a shot?